Repairs form

All repairs must be reported to our office in writing,

Before reporting an electrical repair:

1-    Did you change the electricity, gas and telephone accounts to your name?

2-    Did you pay your bills?

3-    Did you contact the supplying company? If yes,

4-    check that the safety switch is on and  the main switch is on,

5-    If it is tripping the main switch, disconnect all appliances and turn the safety switch back on. If it trips again, do not handle it and contact our office during business hours or the emergency number we supplied you with after hours.

6-    If it stays on, start switching the appliances on one by one to find out which one is causing the shortage and stop using it for your safety. You must not use it again until serviced by a qualified electrician.

7-    Replacing light bulbs is the responsibility of the tenants, if you report an electrical repair and turns out only to change a light bulb or you forgot to switch the power on for an appliance. We’ll charge you for the total cost including the electrician’s service fee plus parts plus $55 administration fee.

8-    All leakages must be reported immediately, as it could cause further damages which you’ll be responsible for the fixing cost if you do not report it in a timely manner.

Should you require additional information, please contact your property manager.

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