Beware of these sites

Are you getting the service you think you’re paying for from an active agent on the market or the laziest?

To our dear clients, existing and future

You might notice few catching titles like and (used to be called Sell my castle) etc…, who promote and advertise themselves like being the local authority on agents.

These are companies that ask agents to submit an offer to sell or rent your property for a fee, usually 15 to 20% of the agent’s selling fee or 1 week’s rent if leasing which is usually the agent’s letting fee.

I know what you’re thinking, which agent would accept that and why? Well some agents are desperate enough to accept and the biggest loser is you the owner as you’re not getting the service of the best agent on the market in your area, instead you’re getting the most desperate agent or the laziest and they’re not prepared to do the work to gain your business.

Please be advised that if you want our services, you must contact us directly and we do not submit offers through these companies who do not care about helping you get the best agent instead they want to sell your contact details to the agent who is willing to pay them disregarding your interest.

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