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Published on May 20th, 2014

Selling a residential property


Selling residential property is something most people are likely to undertake at least once during their lifetime. One of the more difficult aspects of this is taking into account the various factors that can affect the outcome. With the sheer amount of options across the Australian real estate landscape and the movements of the market, seeking out those with experience and knowledge can make your sale far more lucrative and successful.

Navigating the stressful landscape of residential property sales can be aided by the insight of these specialists, with the team at Elders Real Estate providing their skills and expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your property. By focusing on three different areas, Elders agents aim to reduce the overall stress and panic associated with residential property sales and help to provide a comfortable vendor experience.

1) Identifying what you hope to achieve from the sale

Approaching your residential property sale pragmatically is a great way to ensure you achieve the results you’re after. Working closely with an Elders Real Estate agent from the beginning provides the knowledge and support of market experience, allowing you to determine your motivation for selling. From here, your agent can help guide you and your sale through the right means, ensuring you secure the best possible return. 

For example, perhaps you want to maximise the resale amount on your home in order to have the most capital available to put towards your new residential property. Or, as an investor, you could be interested in selling into real estate for a number of different reasons – factoring in market movements and capital growth over the long term. Perhaps your circumstances changed dramatically and you require a quick sale. 

Regardless of your circumstances, discussing your end-goals with an Elders Real Estate agent will help facilitate your sale success with ease.

2) Providing a straightforward, simple sales process

Furthermore, the agents at Elders Real Estate have mastered the art of creating a seamless, streamlined sales process. By keeping it simple, succinct and to the point, home sellers are engaged and involved every step of the way – ensuring the process aligns with your property needs and expectations. 

After listening to your property needs and carrying out a detailed appraisal of your home, which includes a recommended achievable sales price and method of sale, your agent will begin working towards the creation of a tailored marketing scheme directed at the types of buyers you’re aiming to attract.

Following this, managing enquiries and negotiating with buyers will fall solely on your agent’s lap, ensuring a high degree of professionalism while they work towards securing you the best result possible. They can also take care of the settlement process, reducing the overall amount of stress involved with the sale of your residential property.

3) Keeping you informed during the process

All of this can be tailored to your needs. With regards to information, you decide what you want to be kept informed about and what your agent can undertake on their own, providing you with a large degree of freedom to be as involved in the sales process as you wish to be.

If you want to be kept informed about things like online property enquiries, telephone and email requests, open home feedback and the scope of offers/negotiations, this can be organised without trouble. However, if you want to leave it up to the skilled practice of your agent, this is a perfectly viable option. Undertaking a residential sale with Elders Real Estate provides you with the ultimate home sale experience.



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