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Published on October 2nd, 2013

Landlords Beware of deception

Landlords Beware of deception
Notice to all property owners:
Please do not expect us to submit a proposal to sell or lease your property through other websites that offers their “free services to get agents bidding for your business” while on the other end they charge the agent a percentage of the agency commission (up to 1% of the selling price) or in the case of rentals, they charge the agent an amount equal to 1 week rent plus GST as their fees to give them your business.

We do not engage in such a conduct as we choose to deal with you and when we offer a discount on our fees, we offer it to you, the owner, not to someone who pretends to provide a free service to you.

We do think they should be referred to and dealt with by the Department of Fair Trading.


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